I am new to this community, so please let me know if this idea has already been tested, or was already declined

My idea for a new enchant would be called: Unlocker
The rarity for this item would be: Legendary
The max level for this enchant would be: 3
The ability of this enchant would be: When this enchant is equipped, the user can "open" locked chambers. These chambers are the same concept as hidden chambers, but insead of being already opened and accessible, the entrance to these 'locked' chambers would be covered by mossy cobblestone, that is ONLY mineable when using the 'Unlocker' enchant. These chambers would have only 1 item, and it would be about half as good as hidden chambers. These chambers will spawn alongside hidden chambers. The higher level of this enchant you have, the better rewards you would get.

The lore for this enchant would be: Allows user to unlock locked chambers in the mines. These chambers hold hidden rewards.

I feel like this enchant would make mining a lot more fun, because you could have 2 pickaxes when you mine; a God Pic, and an Unlocker Pic. While you're mining with a GPic and stumble upon a locked chamber, you could switch to the Unlocker Pic and loot it.

Please leave any of your feedback below :) thanks
1. If someone loots the hidden, will it also make the locked one disappear?
2. Wouldnt people just tell people who have unlocker where the locked chamber is while finding it in the mine?
3. someone could get just an unlocker pick and it would kinda work just as well as an Unlocker god pick
4. What would be the difference be between Unlocker 1, 2, 3?
But all in all nonetheless i think this sounds like a rly cool idea.
1) no
2) i dont really see why people would do that, but i dont see that as something bad
3) i would like for people to have a gpic and a second pic just for unlocker
4) maybe there would be like increased loot//better loot in the chambers. not sure on this one its up for the developers to decide.