New Enchants!

Poke [Max 3] Blocks Broken Has A Chance To Go Through An Block And Forward in a 1 By 1 Block 3 blocks on level 1 5 blocks on level 2 and 7 blocks in level 6
Cataclysm [Max 3] Has A Chance To Break Blocks In An X Mark [Starts On 5 Blocks Increasing By 1 every level]
Brimstone [Max 1] Has A Chance To Break Blocks Broken in an 3 by 3 radius
[Can only be found in chambers Maybe op enchants should only be found in Mythic Crystals ? eh?? good idea?? ill stop T_T]

Punish [Max 3] Has A Chance To Hurt The Enemy Ignoring a piece of armor
Decimate [Max 1] Deals Increase Damage The Lower Your Health Is

Momentum [Max 3] The More Damage Dealt To An Enemy The Stronger Each Arrow Deals[Mythic]
Dedication [Max 1] Whilst In Combat The Further The Shot IS The More Damage it Deals[Mythic]
Merciless [Max 3] Has A Chance To Deal Increased Damage The Lower The Oponnent Health Is[Mythic]
Vengance [Max 1] When Health Is Lower Than 5 Hearts Gain Strength II For 3 Seconds] [Mythic]
Wall Of Flesh [Max 3] Upon Getting Lower Than 3 Hearts Spawn Armored Zombies And Gain Regen II And Invisbility For 2 seconds[Starts With 2 Zombies Gaining Additional Zombies upon getting a higher level]
Ice Bourne [Max 2] Gain Ressistance II For 2 Second But Be Slowed for 3 seconds
An Idea for mythic or O P enchants can give players more intrest in looking for some more chambers having a chance of mythic enchants changing the way the prison and pvp goes! Hope you consider ! PLease comment any suggestions in this enchant also!