New Rarity, and new Enchants to go along with it!

Hi, I'm EternalXP, and I have come up with a new rarity, and enchants for said rarity!


Crystal Catcher (Highest Level: 1)
(Gives you 2x the chance of finding crystals, should also work with double mine drops weekend giving you 4x the chance of finding crystals, this would make explosive worth while again!)
Chamber Seeker (Highest Level: 3)
(Each level gives you a better chance at "hearing a sound" by making it longer when this enchant is activated a noise will play (1s - 3s long) if you find the origin of said sound you will be able to dig straight down to find the chamber)
Activator (Highest Level: 5)
(Each level gives you a 0.5% better chance at activating an ability!)

ENCHANTS (Weapons):

Pullback (Highest Level: 5)
(Basically the oppisite of knockback)


Teleport (Highest Level: 8)
(When at low health you have a chance to teleport (you or opponent), chance gets better each level!)


Pullback (Highest Level: 5)
(Basically the oppisite of knockback


Sunken Treausre (Highest Level: 5)
(Spare Change for fishing rods 3x better than regular spare change)

(You should totally add repair to fishing rods)
-Mythical Crystals should be 2x harder to find than Mine tokens
-You should consider the Suggestion below this
-Even if not all of these make it or if it's not called mythical I'm ok with that!