No More Tax On The New /Trade System

Do You Think That The Tax Should Be Removed?

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I'm Happy With The Newer Trade System And The New Menu, But Why The Tax With The New Menu?

It's Annoying! This Will Just Deter Players From Using The New Feature And Encourage Players To Use Chest Shops More. I Do Not Think This Was The Intended Feature For The ./Trade System. When You Are Trading Money For Any Kind Of Expensive Item You Waste Some Of The Money That You Offered. Now People Won't Use This Feature Unless They Are Bartering. I Just Don't Think Tax Needs To Be On Jailbreak MC.

Leave Your Opinions In The Poll And The Comments.

If You Like The Tax Then Please Tell Me Why In The Comments.

The Only Good Reason Why I Can See The Tax As A Good Idea Is Because It Similar To Real Life, But This Is Minecraft So I Don't Think Its Needed.

(This Is Very New! I Just Noticed It Today)
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+1. I just made a post about this on no tax and will 100% agree with you. There is no point. It's not like it's a major convenience and saves a whole bunch of time, it just prevents scamming and allows you to trade items. Tax is pointless and I don't understand why it's there. (I noticed yesterday)
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