Obsidian Rank?

Hello JBMC Team,
I just had a wonderful idea of making a higher rank than Emerald.. &5&lOBSIDIAN Rank!
I think this would be awesome idea, may bring back some players to they can have pruple chat color or somthing a better kit.
Maybe some new cosmetics particles? I'm not sure but this is just an idea for you :) Hope it happens!
I like the idea, however considering the prices on ranks, that would mean they'd have to make obby around $200. This would make the upgrade around $100, which with the current buycraft to ingame ratios would mean people would have to shell out nearly 40mil in game cash for someone to upgrade them. So this would only really be targetted at the players who actually buy stuff off buycraft instead of the people who pay those people in game to get them it. Which there are a lot more people who pay in game lately than buycraft. However, if they made it a bit more cheaper, similar to Diamond->Emerald pricing, then I can see it possibly being a good implementation.