Organizing Threads on The Forums: New/Renamed Sections


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After being here for such time, I believe the forums (Specifically the Community/Server Discussion sections) are very unorganized. If you go into it, you can see that posts that should be in the Server Discussion section, are always in the General Discussion section.

  • The General Discussion Section states that its intent are for threads that are "Discussions not related to the server."
  • And the Server Discussion Section states that its intent are for threads that are "Discuss[ing] anything related to the server"
Even with these descriptions of the two sections, it's evident by the amount of threads in the wrong section that the forums are becoming unorganized.

I think a flawless solution would be to rename the General Discussion section of threads to "Off Topic". That way, it'll be easier to see whatever new threads have been posted depending on what you're trying to look at.

My last suggestion is to make a new section called "Questions/Support." Why? An isolated section strictly for questions will make it easier for the Original Poster's question to be answered faster.

Thank you for reading!



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The "Off Topic" section would be a great addition to the forums. From the posts I've seen over the course of the last month, a lot of people are putting Jailbreak related topics in the General Discussion Forum tab. With the "Off Topic" section it would ease the confusion and allow for a more variety of posts to be made with ideas not pertaining strictly to JailbreakMC. Great suggestion!


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I like the Offtopic Idea as it really is quite confusing to have 2 „discussion“ subforums. However, I still think there would be some people who would put server related stuff in offtopic regardless of the name.

Regarding your 2nd suggestion:
As far as I have heard it is possible to issolate a forums section in the meaning of that all the forum users besides staff cannot see the post but usually players can just directly pm us. Having a section would be convenient though.