PonzySquadV2 gang recruitment

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Hello everyone, I’m pleased to announce that the ponzy squad has a secondary gang in our army!!! We are looking for 4 gang members atm.

Although we do have some requirements.
You must be in C1 or higher
You must have a Gpick
You must be active
And you must have discord

Here is the format

Gpick Type:
Donor rank(not required);
Gset(not required):
Daily time mining:
Discord username:

Place your applications in the comments with the format.

If you are accepted I shall contact you on discord to get some information on why you want to be in the ponzy squad.

Please don’t bug us while we are making our decision. It may take a while to do so

If you have questions you can pm me or matpower12345 on the forums or on discord. My username is blackopsboss38#7284 and mat’s Is mat#0107.
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Rank: Non
Gpick Type: Spare Change
Donor rank(not required); not donor
Gset(not required): dont have
Daily time mining: 2h
Discord username: AngloCube#8557
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