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Minecraft Username:Locodynomite
2. Ban Reason:Advertiseing porn
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: no it is in the chat system
4. Who were you banned by:MrRoryTV
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: This is my reconsider appeal and I rlly have nothing else to say because i said everything in the other one but what I can say is that I did not advertise porn I only said the site to tell the kid not to look up what I meant in my joke and I told him not to go on it I was just telling him what site it would pull up and not what Is on it and told him not to go on it and I know that since he is a lil younger he was going to look it up if I told him not to but he would look it up either way cause of the joke I made so I made to choice to try to tell him not too. Which idk if he still did anyway. Plus srry if this is rude but it is not me advertising or doing an offence I did not talk about it and plus I tried to tell him the site so he would know not to push on that site. Also if it is not to much I would like to know what the kid said to see if he overexagerated it.


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Hi. You advertised porn, I don’t care whether you deny it or not.

Please give a better reason for me to unban you.
Ok I am sorry but I was mainly asking what I said since you have screen shots cause I only remember trying to tell him the site it would pull up and to not go on it
Srry just saw this but if I remember correctly I told him that if he is going to go on it wait till u are of 18 yrs old so if I remembered correctly then idk but that is not advertising that is just me telling him that if he is going to look at that site then wait till he is somewhere near 18
Because I know i made a mistake that will never happen again if i get unbanned and I do not think I should be banned for good because I said a joke then told him a site so he knows not to go on it and also the only relative thing I did to advertising porn was saying that if he was going to go on it wait till he is near 18 so I think that it would be fair if u maybe set like a time like a month instead of for good cause now I know never to make a joke like that on a minecraft server of all the places.
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