So... another guide to new players for the newest of updates

Well, there have been new updates, which means a new guide!!! The new updates include a trade revamp, /vote, and a new boss!!!! First things first, the trade system. The money options are the same, and so are the items, but there is now a 7% tax on all money payments through the trade system (if you offer 1,000 they will take 70). And when both parties accept, there will be a 5 second countdown if you want to abort last second. Now on to the /vote. ITS HERE!!! Yes ladies and gents, you can now vote. Do /vote and click on the link to vote for the server, be sure you type your username correctly for once you vote, you can’t vote again for 24 hours. You are probably wondering, what do I get if I vote? Well, once you vote, do /vote again and click on the shiny emerald, and you will receive a Ender chest named vote crate (you will need minimum one space in your inventory for it work.) Once you place the chest down, it will work like a monthly supply drop, but it only gives you one item. Here is the list of item you can get: EXCLUSIVE sponge, 100% legendary, random % cleanser, random % legendary, random % epic, 100% rare, or 100% common. Now for the last thing, the boss. The Wither Knight is way tougher than the iorn guard. How hard you ask?? People with full god armor DIE!!! Yes that is right. But this boss warrants good loot if you win!!! This includes the wither knight armor set, king nametag, queen nametag, and other goodies that are currently unknown to everyone!!! This boss costs 17.49 US dollars compared to the iorn guard which is only 12.49 USD. So that’s all for now, I’ll be making new guides to the updates when they come out, don’t expect them immediately, I can usually make them that evening or the next day. I hope this guide is helpful, and as always, staff and well known players feel free too add on or correct me if I’m wrong.

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