Resolved Throwing an unthrowable item on the ground

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After accidently trying to throw the item [Green Key] on the ground, I noticed that this was not possible. But I did believe that there was a way to get it on the ground, it didn't take me long until I tried to put it in a chest (which worked perfectly fine), and then break the chest. To my surprise, I managed to get the key on the floor.

Honestly, I am not sure if this is a bug or not - but I do believe that this should be dealt with, just incase someone accidently breaks their chest without knowing that it might contain keys in it. Anyways, here is a video of the bug.

Solution: Make a chest unbreakable if they contain a key.
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I had 20 of my purple keys (F Keys) go missing (they were in one of my chests and one day they just weren't along w 3 god picks but I'l the only one in my cell). I had to buy 10 off people to prestige. If there wasn't a way to sell them it would've been a HUGE hassle to get them back through the server. Overall I think I'm just saying that if this is a bug, I believe it's a good one that isn't very harmful at all (unless someones really careless)!
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