Accepted Titans1219's Ban Appeal

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1. Minecraft Username: Titans1219
2. Ban Reason: X-ray
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: i had wurst hack client on.
4. Who were you banned by: Sponcor
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: This happened about 4 days ago, I had screen shared and it was shown when i pressed f3 that i had the hacks, however, while i admitted to having the client i also showed and said that the client was disabled and i haven't been hacking i just didn't switch the client to 1.12. The reason i found the secret chambers was because i had another hacker called RegenerateGaming telling me where they were, i was not the hacker i was just being helped. I told sponcor that regenerate was hacking before i was banned and he said that i could be unbanned if i appeal, because i was so nice about it, and show proof of deleting hacks.

Minecraft folder:
I dont have a mods folder
Version folder:
Resource pack folder:
Recycle bin:


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Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Can you please provide uncropped screenshots of it?

Once you do , I will unban you. I just need to make sure your hacks are 100% gone.
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