Accepted tobithebrave ban appeal

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minecraft username:tobithebrave
reason: duping
proof: no
who were you banned by:patp
Why you would like to be unbanned: the reason i would like to be unbanned is because i like this sever a lot and have seen many great updates happen this was one of my favorite severs and i have been banned for nearly 3 months now and i really would like a second chance if i have to wait longer that fine but id just like a second shot i know you can get unbanned for duping/gliching but people told me that you can appeal a long time after you were banned. i be the happyest man in the world if got a responds desirability soon. ty . patp


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Duping is a very serious offense on the server and therefore some players don't even get a chance to appeal for it. Either wait the time without complaining or I will gladly deny your appeal.


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You have been unbanned and your cell, mine rank, balance has been wiped.
Please stay with the rules this time.

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