Denied Wisebrett's Harassment of Crazymutt (Myself)

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So this guy named Wisebrett keeps saying i "scammed" his "Friend" when he dropped is pickaxe at the mine i was at. At least Wisebrett claims its his. I have screen shots for 2 days now and hes been saying i scammed his friend and him. I asked him to show proof of his friend in possession of the said pickaxe, and i would gladly give the pickaxe. However. This has lowered my reputation and standing as a player of this great server. The fact that the staff has called this not harassment is truly not acceptable as a player. It is 2 days now that he has been doing this. Its completely not acceptable as a player to be under this disrespect and harassment. I have screen shots of this said event. It will clearly show that he has been lying about me and that what i have said is the truth. I also have more than this for proof. unknown.png


So, let me get this straight. Wise lent DarkBlood (which im assuming is some irl dealer of his) his pickaxe (I'm assuming a gpick or something of the sort) and Dark dropped it in the mine, and you just so happened to pick it up? From my perspective I think if anyone's to blame here its probably DarkBlood. Part of the issue I see with loaning picks is, once its out of your hands, its not in particular within your ownership. Nothings stopping the person from just taking the pick, and at that point, its fair game. From what I'm seeing this is a more unintentional case, with just a miner being careless, so the pick is fair game. That being said, it would be up to crazy to give back wise's pick, but not an obligation, more so an act of generosity.
ya but i talked to darkblood101 he said he drop pick right he asked for it back he said and u ingored him and he said u just went offline and left when u got gpick in the pic said 'u tried to return it' but thats a lie
and that talked to darkblood101 was yesterday

plus i got 2 account bec my other birth is code is rong and that pic with the sentence is not full pic show full pic plz u might be blocken u name out :p
Thewiza2341 thank you, my exactpoint so why should i be "Punished" (My rep lowering) when im not the one at fault
Well, that being said, you aren't exactly a innocent in the matter either. I can almost assure you no one in their right mind would drop a pick like that and not notice it gone, and not notice someone in chat mentioning it, so my best guess is you probably just dipped once you took control of the situation. Still, harassment might be a stretch to go off on. Though, you guys seem to be egging each other on, so..
but i said i dont want it back when i meet darkblood101 again ill take pics bec he knows u left him I might be ban but later on ill get that proof to prove u rong
then why i should be punish when he drop it then hmm ill msg when he get back on like i said befor for u proof to be honest we both should be ban
yea, becuase harrasment is a ban. shadowfire_11 said its bannable. and I did cuss i would've shown it just it wouldnt let me show more than 10 things and it just so happend to not be in the most important stuff


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Alright, First of all don't have a discussion / arguement here. This is literally a report.
Second of all, Please use the correct format.
And last thing, In game scamming is allowed also it isn't harassment.
Thanks for the report. Have a good day!
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