Wraith Gang is looking for members!


Accustomed Inmate
Hello! You guys may know me as AmusedAngel, I was a part of Reef which was shut down, Reef was shuffling between 1st to 3rd on /g top for September, 15mil blocks after 1.5 months of Reef Existing.

Since Reef shut down, we and a close friend from reef, Ryan150 have created "Wraith"

Wraith is a gang that will be a mining only gang, as we won't focus on PVP. Meaning that once October comes by, mining for /g top will be our objective.

Current Members:
Owner - AmusedAngel
Officer - Ryan150
Member - XQueenKawaiiX
Member - Ari
Member - Psychotherapy (Joining in October)
Member - SilverSoulstice

Username: (IGN)
Discord: (Needed)
Rank: (F1 preferred, but will make exceptions for E miners) NOTE: If you're in E, we'll loan you 10mil to get to F
Time on the weekdays mining: (At least 3 hours daily)
Time on the weekends: mining: (At least 4 hours daily)
Gpick: (Any kind of freeze pick will work)
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Accustomed Inmate
Username: XenTricX
Rank: F1
Time on the weekdays: 2hours+
Time on the weekends: 4hours+
Gpick: Drill+Freeze.
Username: primerose
Discord: primerose#8445
Rank: F1
Time on weekdays: 2 hours+
Time on weekends: 5 hours+
Gpick: Freeze+Spare / Freeze+Drill
Username: JustBryan_
Discord: JustBryan_ #8024
Rank: E3
Time on weekdays: 2 hours+
Time on weekends: 4 hours+
Gpick: Freeze+spare / Freeze+spare
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Username: XQueenKawaiiX
Discord: XQueenKawaiiX
Rank: D1
Time on the weekdays: Im online almost every weekday all day unless I go out or it's someones birthday or if I have a test coming up and I need to revise I mine ALL the time XD
Time on the weekends: Im online all day on the weekdays except if im going out, its someones birthday or If i am revising but it'll only be 1hr so I would say 3+hrs
Gpick: Explosive/Vienminer/Superbreaker/Repair/Unbreaking/Spare Change/Freeze XD


New Inmate
Username: AriTheUnicorn
Discord: Dreamer#6154
Rank: E1
Time on the weekdays: 4-6 hours online, 3-5 mining
Time on the weekends: 4-6 hours, 3-5 mining
Gpick: Spare change (I know its really bad id love help getting a better one oof )


Accustomed Inmate
Username: BeetusTheMeatus
Discord: D23pinfreak#4847
Rank: F1
Time on the weekdays: online for like 3 hours, mining for 1.5 hours
Time on the weekends: online for 3 hours, mining for 1.5
Gpick: ore, spare (i hate freeze)
Username: HiItsMePaul
Discord: HiItsMePaul#3360
Rank: F1
Time on the weeldays I cant play weekdays bc of school but look on weekends ;)
Time on the weekends: 8 hrs Friday 12+ hrs Saturday 7 hrs sunday
Gpick: mir and freeze spare
Username: hellbrokiller
Discord: Sandvich
Rank: D1
Time on the weekdays: 3-7 hours
Time on the weekends: 3-7 hours
Gpick: ore extractor (every legendary enchant, making new Gpick aswell)
Username: RyanMCPlays
Discord: RyanNotBrian
Rank: C1 (im ginding)
Time on the weekdays mining: 3-4 hours
Time on the weekends: mining: 4-5 hours
Gpick: sparechange+effenciy+vain
Username: InYou
Discord: InYou#8287
Rank: D3
Time on the weekdays mining: 2:30 to 3:30 hours mining
Time on the weekends mining: Also about 3:30 hours daily
Gpick: Drill+Freeze and currently making Spare+Freeze
Username: SilverSoulstice
Discord: Ducky#6148
Rank: E1 (with enough money for E3)
Time on the weekends: mining: 5 hours on weekends, 2-3 hours on weekdays
Gpick: Freeze-Spare Gpick
Username : Aquaticiguanas
discord: aquaticiguanas #1457
Rank: E2 almost E3
I spend about 4-5 hours mining on weekdays, and 7-8 on weekends
My main GPick is Spare/Freeze, sometime Spare/ore so i can ru faster
Username: Lil_pop5
Discord: #8536
Rank: B2
Time on the weekdays mining: 4 to 5 hours
Time on the weekends: mining: 4 hours
Gpick: my Gpick has vein 1 miner & Super barker 1
Username: Kemal007023
Discord kemal007023 #0025
Rank: D2
Time on the weekdays 3-4 hours
time on the weekends 4-5 hours
Gpick: i have a freeze-sparcechange-repair pick with all legendarys exept veinminer
Discord floris421#5885
Rank:E1(can rankup to e2)
time on weekdays: 3-5 hours
time on weekends: 3-6 hours
Gpick: multiple a have 2 mir spare change picks and a almost finished freeze spare pick


Accustomed Inmate
Username: Ahddapt
Discord Ahddapt#9040
Rank: F4 (With 30million)
Time on weekends: 10hours give or take
Time on weekdays: 6 hours give or take
G pick: Freeze MIR, Mir Ore, And a few other ones,

( I get 1 million blocks mined give or take )