Youngpedro1's introduction!

Well hello there my sexy friend and i thank you for taking time in reading my introduction.

Well were to start...

My name is peter but most people call me Pedro or jock

I am a Scottish lad from of course Scotland :) but sadly i moved to northern Ireland due to me being 15 at the time lol.

I am 22 years of age 23 in July :)

currently i work as a security doorman but before that i was in the British army for 3 years but now i have a lot of free time i play games either on my PC or my Xbox one or my 360 and if you have them feel free to add me on them you can pm me for my gt.

but anyway i joined the server i do believe about 3/4 weeks ago and currently i am loving it and i hope to be a bigger member of this community or even hopefully apply for staff one day.

I also do have a you tube channel but i will not advertise it i also do stream on twitch as well but my channel is small ATM but i hope one day i can do vids on this server.

i hope me and you(who ever is reading this) that we can play sometime or you can come to my shop(wink wink) by doing /visit youngpedro1
lol but anyway i hope you enjoy your day/night and i hope to see you in-game. <3