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I can't level up to c1 I can't get enough keys I have 1 yellow key and I looked around my base and I have 1 yellow key on me and I have 1 acheivement to get a yellow key ;-;
Please make another appeal using the proper format and do not include another servers IP.
Sorry for not replying to your appeal right away, I'm unsure about the skin still I'm just asking a higher up to make sure it's alright. I didn't think it would take so long for a reply.
Hello, i just connected to jailbreak but i got aome problems, i played this server meybe 8-9 months ago (meybe less) and in that time i got good pick and i was in mine e i think, but when i connected about 1week ago i didnt had my items, no pick and everthing, it started the game from the begging and, is it possible to get those items back? And get to that mine back?
Btw i didnt played this server for 8-9months
If you have proof of this like a picture your items and rank may be given to you
@MrRoryTV i dont have a picture, it was long time ago, and it was on other pc, i remember how spawn looked in that day, i remember not cels but houses, and i got that pick from pvp, it was on other pc so its impossible to recover photos
Are you sure you're talking about jailbreakmc? Because there have never been any houses... so I guess you maybe confused it with titanmc (?) (which had houses in the OP prison mode - and is no longer running)