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Thank you Its_Lexie for a prompt response in the appeal post!

You are doing important job by banning players that use hacks.

I think that it's not easy to identify if a player got false reported as a "hacker". I'm lucky because the reporter (SeriousVortex) decided to leave a chat message (the message was "lol") and when doing so he/she revealed his/her chat history that had "fakehacker" messages.

Thank you again!
I found a person that said bad words I have a screenshot of it and the person that said the bad words was attempting irl scamming i have a screen shot of the ban word i can send it to you if you want.
Make a report in the player report section
Farewell JailbreakMC. Due to some reasons that I won't speak about here, I have come to the decision to completely leave the server. If you were a close friend, feel free to PM me on Discord. If not, don't be surprised if I don't respond.