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    I resigned. Here's why.

    Can I have your money and items? Haha
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    Giveaway Winners!

    Here is the list of winners along with what they won! 2 million winner- @VoidedSolid GPick Winner- @CallMeIsh Starter GPick Winner- @Mechatricity First Black Glazed Terracotta Winner- @AlphaHusky0213 Second Black Glazed Terracotta Winner- @AshleyyLynnxo Wither Knight Boots Winner-...
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    Giveaway by yours truly

    The format required you to include your discord name and number. Without it, if you win, there is no way to contact you to get you your prize.
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    Will do mate!

    Will do mate!
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    Giveaway by yours truly

    Please include your discord tag so I can contact you, ol' wise one.
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    Giveaway by yours truly

    What is up my good looking gamers? It's me, the amazing DeltaStrider. Recently I have decided to giveaway most of my items. Sadly, I don't have a lot because I tend to give thing to people randomly (I know I'm such an angel). But if I'm going to do this, I'm doing it the way others do it. So...
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    Accepted Advertising (In DMs)

    Discord Name: nightmaster#6583 Crime Comitted: Advertising (In DMs) Punishment: Permanent Ban from JBMC Discord Proof:
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    Doppelganger Enchant

    It would be the BEST enchant on the server.
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    Memes are life dude

    Memes are life dude
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    я не могу зайти вылетаю

    He was saying he couldn't get on.
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    я не могу зайти вылетаю

    Какую версию вы пытаетесь использовать? Сервер доступен только в версиях 1.8-1.12.2. Вам также нужно Java Edition Minecraft
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    Doppelganger Enchant

    +1 Delete OE and MIR and just have a doppelganger enchant take over those 2 enchants. I agree with this a thousand percent, please add this, lmao.
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    Hello, welcome to jail! Lol
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    CounterSix for smod?

    Counter is a rand. <3