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    Huge Giveaway! Supply Box/rank and more!

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    Accepted Ban Appeal for DarkFile

    Thanks for the appeal. You have been unbanned. Have a nice day. Accepted and Locked
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    Accepted EeveeOG's Ban Appeal (Please Please Accept)

    I have seen you a lot on the server. Make sure to read the rules carefully and try not to make mistakes like this anymore. You are unbanned, have a nice day.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal (BusterdogTNT)

    Thanks for appealing yet again. Hopefully, everything is good from now on. This whole thing is a bit new to me. Have a nice day. Accepted and Locked
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    Denied ban appeal

    This is an illegal deal. Read the rules, please.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal (BusterdogTNT)

    You need to upload them to a website so we can see when you modified the folders to make sure they are not old.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal (BusterdogTNT)

    A technicality came up. I need to see the DATES MODIFIED for every screenshot. Please send me those via forums or discord.
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    Denied player verbally harassing me

    Thank you Ace_Of_Angels. We do not accept cropped images. Denied and Locked
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    Denied player being homophobic

    We do not except cropped images as a valid source of evidence. If you have the full picture, please message it to me on Discord or through the Forums. Thank you. Denied and Locked
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    Accepted Ban appeal (Hacked Client?)

    Thanks for appealing! You will be unbanned in exactly one day. Have a nice day and make sure to follow the rules next time. ;) Accepted and Locked
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    I must've misread the chat when I was banning the bots from earlier. I am extremely sorry about that. :) Accepted and Locked
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    Denied Ban Appeal (diconecting when getting freezed)

    You were banned forever because you were using a hacked client. Your appeal is denied because of: 1. You did not follow the correct format. 2. You did not give a well thought out reason to be unbanned (Accidentally disconnecting is not a very convincing argument). Denied and Locked
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    Accepted Ban Appeal (BusterdogTNT)

    Thanks for sending me the screenshot of your desktop folder.
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    Denied False Ban

    You cannot appeal a temporary ban less than 1 week, and here is the proof that you used homophobic slurs. It definitely was not a "false ban." Have a nice day. Denied and Locked
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    Denied Banned on discord

    As Ace_Of_Angels said, it got to the point where it wasn't a "simple joke" anymore. I was listening in the conversation you were having with the people in the Discord channel, and I heard the things you were saying while Ace_Of_Angels was telling you to stop. Therefore, I am denying your appeal...