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  • What is the port
    For the server also I am a big fan cause I watch ssundee
    Im assuming you already found a solution by now, but if your still having issues connecting join the server using the IP ‘’ whilst on Minecraft version 1.8-1.12.2.
    Hey Pat, I was wondering if you can update the server to the current version of Minecraft. Cause its outdated and the current version that its set for is 1.12.2 and I have 1.13.1, It would mean a lot to me if you updated the server. And honestly I dont want to redownload 1.12.2 just to get on the server cause I want to play the current update some more. and its going to be a pain to switch between the 2 versions
    1. Minecraft Username: Death_Hunter.
    2. Ban Reason: Advertisement .
    3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of:no but i did not advertise except for selling items in game like vote supply boxes .
    4. Who were you banned by: ChumFu.
    5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: because I dont know what i did.
    Hi I got banned From the server and i don`t know why it said i was advertising but i know that`s not true can you help me finger this out?
    why is using a free account permanently ban worthy? And even if it is, why did Youssef ban MY account that didn't come from websites with free accounts
    Well, when you use MCLeaks accounts, it's literally impossible to tell which account is a paid account and which isn't, because they're all bunched on the same IP.
    Do the helpers/Moderators get paid?
    Because if you do then expect me to apply (even though im underaged, there is still the exception rule)
    No we don't. We don't get paid xD.
    Hey Pat, I just started on the jailbreak server yesterday and It turned out that I didn't make a good start. So I ask you if you maybe could delete my player files of that server so I could start over. Please respond..
    P.S. My player name is CooleKip
    help i got scammed i sold someone iron guard eggs for 175k for 2 and then he scammed my money away please help me i tried contacting other staff too i will reply back if it gets solved thx
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