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    Denied Inappropriate Player Name

    The name doesn't seem inappropriate to me unless there is another meaning I am not aware of. Denied - Locked
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    Denied THis Guys Hacking

    If this player report isn't responded to within 24 hours it will be denied for it being abandoned. Please respond with what xMinie_ asked above :)
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    Denied Harrasment and bullying!

    You need to be following the correct format to report any player. No report will be accepted unless the correct format is followed. I also highly suggest fully reading the server rulebook. As for this report due to it being in DMs nothing can be done, I suggest you block the player if you have a...
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    Denied Market Abuse And Greed!!!

    Hello xKATNx, Sadly we can not take admission as proof for any punishment. As for the market rule, You are only allowed to be selling/buying items in 3 markers connected to one IP so a player can have more than 3 if they are not selling/buying any items. For his list of markets in the screenshot...
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    Accepted Character Spam

    Thank you for the report! The player has been muted. Accepted - Locked
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    Accepted Countdown spam

    Thank you for the report, The player will be dealt with. :D
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    Resolved Snow placed in front of Cell portal

    The snow has been removed. :D
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    I suggest DM'ing CakeSpace on discord to discuss your ban and the reason you were banned. CakeSpace's Discord: CakeSpace#8888
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    Straws & Gary - Gang Recruitment!

    Straws and Gary Hello to anyone who is reading this! I can bet that you are most likely interested in joining a gang right now, and you have come to the BEST spot! About our Gangs Straws was originally created back in September 2019 by @iTurtles, and Gary was formed in October of 2020 by...
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    Accepted Inappropriate Skin

    Thank you for the player report. The player will be permanently banned. Accepted
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    Mad cuz bad #bad

    Mad cuz bad #bad
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    Resolved I got scammed

    Sadly due to in-game scamming being allowed we cannot refund you the money you lost. You can apply for TRAINEE by creating an application here: :)
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    Resolved I got scammed

    Unfortunately in-game scamming is allowed on the server so there is nothing that can be done. I suggest being more careful when buying things from other players to avoid being scammed. :)
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    Hello Java6mousie23, The Titan rank is a cosmetic rank you automatically receive once you reach Prestige 10. The same thing goes with the God rank (Received once you get Prestige 5) and Supreme rank (Received once you get Prestige 15)!
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    Actually you can grow trees in your cells but you will need a big cell in order to grow them (P10+ cell) as there just isn't enough space for trees to grow in smaller cells. :)