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    May 4th, 2019 - May Supply Box, Personal Block Counts BETA, Small Gang Changes + more!

    Thank you you good sir. It wouldn't let me submit unless i clicked "understood" and "no specific placement" even tho i didn't click "yes" to the above question.
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    May 4th, 2019 - May Supply Box, Personal Block Counts BETA, Small Gang Changes + more!

    Link to leave my name for prestige cell signage doesn't work
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    26th April - Trade Master Update

    Ok u r right about the current PvP token purchasable, my bad. If it changes to anything other than PvP items then my statement sticks. Thank you for pointing that out to me
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    26th April - Trade Master Update

    So now we have to do shakedown in order to buy from trademaster? If so, not cool man. Many of us don't PvP and literally have to be on and lucky to get a chest from shakedown plus this now means those with g-gear get most the PvP tokens. I'm a grinder, and vote tokens are accessible 24 hrs a day...
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    April 5th, 2019 - Prestige Cell Upgrades, IRON Rank, Miners CRATE + more.

    I dont see the Miners Crate in shop? Since $1 USD is 250k-500k I'd think the value of that crate is $1.00 cuz i doubt using any of the 4 pics together will bring 500k or more in game value.
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    March 29th, 2019 - Chat Colors, April Supply Box, New Name Tags & Kit + more!

    I would love to see random drops added when fishing as the raw fish is the only item attainable and is completely worthless and expensive compared to a simple chicken farm. I myself was very disappointed after finally attaining enough string to make one and then spend the time to fish to only...
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    21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

    RedstoneJG Favorite aspect: even tho it's a single player game it is community based. Favorite memory: finding my very first chamber.
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    Huge Giveaway! Supply Box/rank and more!

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    New Mob Arena Map, December Supply Drop & Double Mine Drops Week!

    Lol that's speed enchant, I was wondering if it's something like the boss eggs or if its an actual spawned I can place and use or if its just a cosmetic block?
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    28th September Update - The EXPLOSIVE Update!

    Worth depends on rank, to an A miner getting 2k for his common air strike is worth more than using it.
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    7th September Update - Voting, New Boss & Trade Revamp!

    I like the voting it's great but so far I've gotten a 6% common and 12% epic for the 2 I opened yet the descriptions say they are 100%. Can you please change either the name to "random chance" or make them 100% as it says? Many getting discouraged, altho it's free it's not what the description...