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    Winner is @Zagrid GG Check DM’s on Discord.
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    I’ll be drawing later today or tomorrow.
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    Hey, I’ve recently come to the decision to quit due to lack of interest and some other factors. I’ll be giving away all of my stuff here. I will be giving away: 6 Million igm My head :) All my crystals including Common Rare and Epic Loads of Keys (Dunno what you’re gonna do with 3 stacks of...
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    Accepted Filter Bypass

    1. Spawn/Mines 2. SlapMeUp 3. F-word filter bypass 4.
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    Accepted Homophobic

    1. Yard 2. DisPanda 3. After I killed him he called me a "fag bag" 4.
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    9th October Update - Furnace Update!

    Yes I won’t be stuck in D mine now haha
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    Favorite Steam Games

    Oof don’t play any steam games: -League Of Legends -Minecraft -And that’s it :3
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    Whats the best way to rank up & earn money

    I like the strategy of dyeing/staining the glass but keep in mind in D mine your main way to make money is glazed terra-cotta and you’re gonna need dye for that, so I would just sell crystals and smelt sand and make anvil and gold blocks.
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    100KD ratio in yard :>

    hoorrrraaaayy :>
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    Selling Lots Of Cosmetics From the New October Crate!

    Selling Lots October Crate Cosmetics at /Visit Ryan150 Such as Mob Spell Particle, Smoke Particle, Micheal Myers Pet, 2x Rogue Nametags (Not new), Dark Green Username Style (Also Not New), Ink sac, and a Wither Chestplate.
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    Word Association - Forum Game

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    Mob Spell Particle Glitch

    Whenever you make a shop always switch so you don’t use it, or you can shift click the chest to avoid it also.
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    Word Association - Forum Game

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    Word Association - Forum Game