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  1. ReptileInsane

    Accepted I am no longer asking

    You have been unbanned.
  2. ReptileInsane

    wee woo

    wee woo
  3. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ruta#8441 - BAN APPEAL

    What is your discord tag?
  4. ReptileInsane

    It's time to holster this gun. (Why I resigned)

    bye bye, don't be a stranger.
  5. ReptileInsane

    Denied Discord Ban - PyroZ__

    You are staying banned.
  6. ReptileInsane

    Denied Unban

    You will be unbanned soon, you have one last chance.
  7. ReptileInsane

    Denied Unban

    You were horrid in chat, why on earth would we want you back on the server?
  8. ReptileInsane

    Denied ban appeal

  9. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Sorry, you are staying banned.
  10. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban appeal

    Appeal in a month.
  11. ReptileInsane

    I resigned. Here's why.

    hmmm oki buddy. either way good luck in the future.
  12. ReptileInsane

    Denied Tightss's Ban Appeal

    You are not being unbanned. Reappeal in 2 weeks, you were blatantly hacking.
  13. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal Rek_Toxicz

    You will be unbanned soon.
  14. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal, Again

    Your ban will be reduced to a 2 day temp ban. Have a nice day.
  15. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned soon. Thanks for waiting.
  16. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban appeal

    You will be unbanned soon, this is your only chance.
  17. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Please just explain what your thought process was though for me. I really can't understand how you can do something like hacking, get demoted and banned and then think to chargeback. I am just confused why you would want to come back.
  18. ReptileInsane

    Accepted My Ban Appeal 7/6/2019

    You will be unbanned soon.
  19. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban Appeal RekToxicz

    I cannot accept cropped screenshots, please upload full images.