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  1. ShadowDolphin164

    What do you E miners use for filters, if any?

    This is the filter I use for E-mine. But yeah, mostly filter those items.
  2. ShadowDolphin164

    Is there any way to reset my progress?

    I mean there's only 2 ways, which is to reach Prestige, or play on a new account.
  3. ShadowDolphin164

    April 9th, 2019 - Easter Build Contest

    I N T E R E S T I N G
  4. ShadowDolphin164

    GIVEAWAY! - How To Enter - Ends April 19th, 2019.

    I think the hopper's full.
  5. ShadowDolphin164

    Denied Player Report

    I don’t have any ingame proof(I should really take more screenshots.), but I recall them saying it was like collateral. 10mil for stuff that was renamed. Example: V.I.P Chorus. They added in 2 cosmetics too: the UWU tag and the Nemo pet. I had a suspicion it was a scam, but yeah I’m an idiot. A...
  6. ShadowDolphin164

    Denied Player Report

    Oh, the last one doesn't work. Hold up.
  7. ShadowDolphin164

    Denied Player Report

    Server: Cells User: GodlyMax767 Offense Committed: IRL Scamming (As told by Profile.) Proof:
  8. ShadowDolphin164

    Denied Morenzis report

    You should probably use the format if you're going to report someone.
  9. ShadowDolphin164

    Giveaway by yours truly

    IGN: ShadowIndigo Discord: ShadowDolphin164#6856 PGT: Mystic Roblox: ShadowDolphin164 (I don't use it)
  10. ShadowDolphin164

    Resolved rare cosmetic glitch

    Make a support ticket. Also, yeah, you gotta be careful with cosmetics.
  11. ShadowDolphin164

    21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

    So your pfp is Noro and your signature is Shiro. Cool.
  12. ShadowDolphin164

    yeet my bday yesterday and im an idiot

    yeet my bday yesterday and im an idiot
  13. ShadowDolphin164

    Jailbreak Giveaway! Pt. 2

    ShadowIndigo ShadowDolphin164#6856
  14. ShadowDolphin164

    New Enchants!

    Poke = Drill Ice Bourne = Tank
  15. ShadowDolphin164

    Resolved Lapis Lazuli shop bug

    Well because they're all dyes, and ink sacs are the first version of them. For clarification, ink_sac:0 (Not sure if thats right, so I dunno.)
  16. ShadowDolphin164

    21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

    IGN: ShadowIndigo Fav Aspect: JailbreakMC Fav memory: Playing JailbreakMC
  17. ShadowDolphin164

    Accepted iMental report

    Oh yeah, what he stole was 2 gpicks from me. One that was originally his (A MIR freeze I believe.) and my Spare Freeze gpick.