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  1. ShadowDolphin164

    Denied Player Report

    Server: Cells User: GodlyMax767 Offense Committed: IRL Scamming (As told by Profile.) Proof:
  2. ShadowDolphin164

    Accepted iMental report

    Server: Cells Username: iMental Offense: IRL Scamming Proof:
  3. ShadowDolphin164

    Unable to Join

    Yeah, this happened. I don't really have anything else to say.
  4. ShadowDolphin164

    Accepted Spam

    Server: Cells Player: Overlord21 Offense committed: Spam Proof:
  5. ShadowDolphin164

    Resolved I have an issue.

    Are mods allowed to use /invsee? If so, can one do a search on kellyannette05 for a gpick named Shiro Is best Loli 2.0? I accidentally dropped it in amine without knowing and they stole it.
  6. ShadowDolphin164

    Resolved I lost my gpick during a trade

    I was doing a trade with someone(i wont say their name) but i declined and lost my gpick and 4 epic strikes with it.
  7. ShadowDolphin164

    Accepted Player Report

    1. Server: Prisons 2. Player: Thefryperson 3. Reason: Asking for a DDos? 4.
  8. ShadowDolphin164

    Accepted Player Report

    1. Server: Cells 2. Minecraft name: TimGaming_YT 3. Offense Commited: Excessive Cursing 4. Proof:
  9. ShadowDolphin164

    Doppelganger Enchant

    Effect: Chance to double the items that you mine Max level: 4 Each level should add 15% Yeah noticing it now, its basically the nerfed OE, but it should activate more commonly than OE. Plus, I think it should be a rare or common enchant. Before I had the idea, I thought it'd be an epic or...
  10. ShadowDolphin164

    Previous thread wasn't answered properly, or specified correctly

    Previous thread: How much does each repair level repair? By that I meant like how much does each level repair? Like repair 1, repair 2, etc.
  11. ShadowDolphin164

    Silk touch and Ore Extractor?

    How come they don't stack? Like when I'm digging up clay, silk touch is active, which gives me the block. When OE activates, it gives me clay balls instead of clay blocks. Why?
  12. ShadowDolphin164

    how much does each repair level repair

    just wondering.