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  1. ReptileInsane

    September 11th, 2020 - SEASON PASS 4 IS FINALLY HERE!

    Season Pass #4 BEGINS! We are releasing our FOURTH Season Pass on JailBreakMC! Quests The Season Pass will have a length of 1 month. Each week (starting today) will offer you different Quests adding up to a total amount of 24 quests. These Quests can be done at any point in time as long as they...
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    wee woo

    wee woo
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    It's time to holster this gun. (Why I resigned)

    bye bye, don't be a stranger.
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    I resigned. Here's why.

    hmmm oki buddy. either way good luck in the future.
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    26th April - Trade Master Update

    PVP Tokens PVP Tokens are a new type of currency we are introducing to the prison. It can be found from Shakedowns that happen in the PVP area underneath /spawn. Shakedowns happen once every half and hour which will be the opportune moment for you to grab some of this new currency. The amount...
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    18th April - New Spawn, Chat Unscramble, Auction House, Coinflip and More!!!

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all looking forward for Easter! Today we have an amazing update for you. New Spawn Firstly, we are BETA testing a new spawn that we have been working on over the past month. With this new spawn the yard, boss arena and spawn are all located in one world. The arena...
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    April 9th, 2019 - Easter Build Contest

    Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely April so far! Today I introduce a long overdue... Easter Build Contest It seemed fitting with the new prestige cells available and the older addition of having a second realm that we should have another build-off! So here are the guidelines you will...
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    21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

    Winners have been announced! Congratulations to @Paper_stars for winning the Emerald Rank! and congratulations to @AlphaHusky0213 for winning the $20 gift-card! Winners have been given their prizes.
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    henlo, welcome to hypickles

    henlo, welcome to hypickles
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    21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

    Hello everyone, hope you are having a lovely day! Today we introduce to you the newest rank to the server; Emerald Rank So the first thing that you are probably wondering is what is in this new rank. If you would like to see the full features of the new rank, click the spoiler or click here...
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    I'm Quiitting Jailbreak MC

    Cya Bud
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    7th February - PVP Update & February Supply Box

    Hello JailbreakMC. Hope you are having a nice week! Today we introduce to you an updated PVP area, new enchants and the latest Supply Box! PVP Update The new updated PVP area is now smaller for more combat to be held. Fight in a broken down prison yard to try and earn loot from your fellow...
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    31st January Update - Store Updates

    Hello JailBreakMC community! Hope you are all well. Today we introduce to you new additions to the existing Gold and Diamond ranks! We also are delighted to introduce the new Accommodation Crate! Firstly, lets talk about all the new benefits that existing ranks will receive. If you have...
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    21st January - Voting Update!

    Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. Recently, we decided to change how voting works on the server to add more variety into what rewards you can get for supporting us. Therefore we introduce to you... Trade Tokens So you are probably asking yourself, what are trade tokens? Well...
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    CounterSix for smod?