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  1. InfinityX_

    Accepted sxmpyy69 - Racism and Homophobic Slurs

    Player: sxmpyy69 Offence: Racism and Homophobic Slurs Server: Prison This person said hateful remarks and homophopic slurs.
  2. InfinityX_

    Accepted Toxicity/Filter Bypass/Swearing/Racism/Spam

    Player: iHeal Server: Prisons Offence: Toxicity/Filter Bypass/Swearing/Racism/Spam Proof:
  3. InfinityX_

    [CLOSED] DuctTape Gang Recruitment!

    If you want to join our gang. Please fill in the form below. Thank you for your interest to join DuctTape!
  4. InfinityX_

    Accepted Offence: DDoS, DDoS Threats, Hack Threats or General Threats

    Thank you for reading my player report. Server: Prisons Victim of Threat: rocketcreeper88 Player Committing Offence: JFUN1017 Additional Information: rocketcreeper88 asked where to get diamonds, someone said buy them, I said mine then at C mine and JFUN1017 said '*** then you can get them.' It's...
  5. InfinityX_

    Accepted Homophobic Slurs

    Server: Prisons Offence: Homophobic Slur Offender: Mesh_Perderder Additional Information: Even if it is just a username, it is still a homophopic slur. Proof:
  6. InfinityX_

    Are IRL deals for vbucks allowed? Staff please reply ASAP.

    I wanna do and IRL deal and he wanted a diamond rank, I looked and it said 40 bucks !?! So I said any steam games u would like he said idk. So this is my question is vbuck deals allowed (did not do it yet for safety measures)