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    Straws & Gary - Gang Recruitment!

    Straws and Gary Hello to anyone who is reading this! I can bet that you are most likely interested in joining a gang right now, and you have come to the BEST spot! About our Gangs Straws was originally created back in September 2019 by @iTurtles, and Gary was formed in October of 2020 by...
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    no just say no in chat
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    Hello, I am Profile_name__ and i have decided that i will be giving away my head to 1 random person. To enter just put your IGN in the comments and your DISCORD username and # GLHF :) winners will be chosen on febuary 22nd :) (sorry for pulling back the date that's when i'm getting the money...
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    Accepted this dude be advertising

    Server: yard 2. Minecraft Username (of offender):panquakes05_yt 3. Offense Committed: advertizing a discord URL 4. Proof:
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    Accepted advertizing

    Server: cells 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): SGT_pretzel98 3. Offense Committed:advertizing 4. Proof:
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    shakedown bug

    when the shakedown started 3 crated dropped near me so i immediately clicked them but when i read chat it said i got a epic repair scroll but i never received a epic repair scroll. this had happened to me in the past also with other items and i don't want it to happen again.
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    buying ranks

    when buying a rank or anything from the store is says redeem coupons or gift cards. how do get a gift card for the shop? is it a normal minecraft gift card?