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  1. gtstarwars

    Accepted Character Spam

    Spawn EnderDragon39 Character Spam (still going)
  2. gtstarwars

    Accepted Harassment

    spawn FaZe_SluDaddy Harassment
  3. gtstarwars

    Accepted Character spam

    spawn absalosen08 character spam
  4. gtstarwars

    Accepted Macro /spawn in yard

    Spawn RazerBreakerCR Macro in Yard
  5. gtstarwars

    Fishing Trademaster!

    Want free $ if you aren't P mine? do /fish or /lake and enter the portal to the fishing world. Buying each Fishing Token 750k per at Market 32, 24, 28, 3 I am also buying: Buying PvP Tokens 90k per Market 24 & Market 32 & Market 28 Minetokens 100k per Market 24 & Market 32 & Market 28 Vote...
  6. gtstarwars

    Accepted Character Spam

    Spawn1-2 hyderjaf Character Spam
  7. gtstarwars

    Accepted Countdown spam

    spawn AccusedPrawn540 countdown spam
  8. gtstarwars

    Accepted This is not the way to slide into my dms smh

    spawn rawispoggers_jr spamming in dms
  9. gtstarwars

    Accepted Someone give him a pacifier <3

    spawn grand_pavietcong character spam and spam
  10. gtstarwars

    Accepted pottymouth filter bypass :(

    spawn luuucais filter bypass
  11. gtstarwars

    Looking to buy: White Chat Color

    Paying 30mil for White Chat Color Also buying: - Vote tokens 25k - PVP tokens 75k - Minetokens 100k at Market 32 & 24. Buying clay 4.4k per stack at afkgratch there’s 90mil, go drain the money go go go
  12. gtstarwars

    7s warmup for leaving yard?

    cool down for /spawn in yard perhaps? its frustrating when a player can instantly warp out after a long fight :/
  13. gtstarwars

    Accepted character spam?

    spawn WhoTFTookAdxm spam
  14. gtstarwars

    Accepted Player report

    Spawn SwissGs Racial Slurs
  15. gtstarwars

    Accepted Spamming

    Spawn Fun_play_YT Spam
  16. gtstarwars

    Accepted Cussing/Inappropriate Language in Spanish

    Spawn alexelulb & wild_spaghet Cussing/Inappropriate Language in Spanish
  17. gtstarwars

    Accepted Spam

    /visit gtstarwars ItzlordfireXD Spam (blackmail)
  18. gtstarwars

    Hello World

    Hi all, Im gtstarwars and i am new to JailbreakMC <3. I played other DoubleJump servers and I started with Pitforge in Season 1 then played it throughout until Skyrealms came out and played both seasons for that. I usually play and end up on baltop and I like to pvp alot. If I dont respond to a...
  19. gtstarwars

    Accepted spammer what a bad hacked client

    b mine benlovespotato spamming with hacked client