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    Let Me Explain

    L you got caught
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    Denied Harrasment and bullying!

    It was nice of you to delete your own discord mesage replies prior to screenshotting. Discord has timestamps of the messages. Like I said in dms, you were gonna play the victim card. If you take a quick read of the server rules, you will see that advertising is indeed a punishable offense...
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    You got caught L

    You got caught L
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    Accepted Character Spam

    Spawn EnderDragon39 Character Spam (still going)
  6. gtstarwars

    Seperate P mine

    50mil is a small price to pay for a private mine for blockmining :(
  7. gtstarwars

    I'm back and P15, how are you o/

    I'm back and P15, how are you o/
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    Accepted Harassment

    spawn FaZe_SluDaddy Harassment
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    Vins bad

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    Accepted Character spam

    spawn absalosen08 character spam
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    Seperate P mine

    Unfortunate. download/get more ram perhaps? kek. Giving private mines would make $$$ per hour even more op as you dont have to share the mine with anyone. If there is a mine such as that then gtop would be even more competitive as a single player will have dedicated mines to themselves
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    Helloooo o/

    Helloooo o/
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    Accepted Macro /spawn in yard

    Spawn RazerBreakerCR Macro in Yard
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    Fishing Trademaster!

    Want free $ if you aren't P mine? do /fish or /lake and enter the portal to the fishing world. Buying each Fishing Token 750k per at Market 32, 24, 28, 3 I am also buying: Buying PvP Tokens 90k per Market 24 & Market 32 & Market 28 Minetokens 100k per Market 24 & Market 32 & Market 28 Vote...
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    Accepted Character Spam

    Spawn1-2 hyderjaf Character Spam
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    Accepted Countdown spam

    spawn AccusedPrawn540 countdown spam
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    Accepted This is not the way to slide into my dms smh

    spawn rawispoggers_jr spamming in dms
  19. gtstarwars

    Looking to buy: White Chat Color

    Buying PvP Tokens 85k per Market 24 & 32 Buying White Chat Color Also buying Vote and Minetokens
  20. gtstarwars

    i guess im naughty :shrug:

    i guess im naughty :shrug: