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  1. Sponcor

    Accepted Harassment

    IGN: misterpotatopoo Server: Mine Offense: harassment Proof:
  2. Sponcor

    Organizing Threads on The Forums: New/Renamed Sections

    After being here for such time, I believe the forums (Specifically the Community/Server Discussion sections) are very unorganized. If you go into it, you can see that posts that should be in the Server Discussion section, are always in the General Discussion section. The General Discussion...
  3. Sponcor

    Accepted Self Report (Hacked Client)

    IGN: FieryPanda777 Offense: Hacked Client (Seen in the screenshot link he posted in chat) Server: JennyPIxel's realm Proof:
  4. Sponcor

    Accepted Racial Slurs

    IGN(s): spiniesttea, winterypanda Offense: Racial Slurs Server: Desert State Proof:
  5. Sponcor

    Accepted Illegal Trade

    IGN: Southpaw55 Offense: Illegal Trade Server: Desert State Proof:
  6. Sponcor

    Accepted Homophobic Remarks

    IGN: Munnkeys5 Offense: Homophobic Remarks Server: Desert State Proof:
  7. Sponcor

    Accepted Homophobic Slurs

    IGN: toughlocker68 Offense: Homophobic Slurs Lobby: Desert State Proof:
  8. Sponcor

    Accepted Inappropriate Fancy Chat

    IGN: MinecrafterLogan Offense: Fancy Chat & Inappropriate Messages Server: Desert State Proof:
  9. Sponcor

    Accepted Homophobic Remarks

    IGN: GlitchingFerret Offense: Homophobic Remarks Server: Desert State Proof:
  10. Sponcor

    Accepted Illegal Trade

    IGN: TheFutureCandle Server: Mine (Desert State) Offense: Illegal Trade Proof:
  11. Sponcor

    Why Hello There :D

    Hi, I am iGalactic. I'm a 15 year old freshman in high school, and an avid player of Minecraft and Overwatch. I've been playing on servers made by PatP since 2015, and I've even been staff on a couple ;). If you see me in game, feel free to say hi to me. Anyways, see you around! :P
  12. Sponcor

    Accepted IcyBlue: Hacked Client

    1. Server (e.g Prisons/Cells): Prison 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): IcyBlue 3. Offense Committed: Hacked Client (Shifting while walking + Freecam) 4. Proof: