12/01/18 - Mob Arena [BETA], Anti-Drop, Lottery and Advent Calendar!


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Hello everyone! Today, you may have seen some new additions to the server.. Well, here they are!

Mob Arena [BETA]
We have added a Mob Arena to the server! In this Mob Arena you will fight mobs with up-to 3 other players who also join that arena!
How do you get to the Mob Arena? Well, you can use the command /mobarena anywhere to be teleported to the Mob Arena server!
You MUST have an empty inventory to be able to go to this server! Yes, that means you cannot take your armor/weapons.. Why?
Well, that's because we got that covered! Everyone that joins the arena will be offered a KIT to choose from.. Currently, there are only two kits, "Archer" and "Warrior".

What's the point of doing the Mob Arena?
Well.. We wanted to add a fun little mini-game for users to play if they are tired of mining..
There is a currently a 75 player server cap on the server to prevent lag.
But wait! In the Mob Arena.. You will also earn GOLD NUGGETS depending on how well you do in each go at the arena.

You can turn these nuggets in for items at the "Rewards" NPC (or using /ma rewards) at the waiting area.
Currently, there are not many items available to buy, but we plan on adding more very soon!
We will most likely include some Mob Arena exclusive items as well, which you will only be able to get through the

In the Mob Arena you will fight off waves of enemies for a set amount of time.. Can you survive the waves?
Well.. Don't worry about dying once. That's because you have 2 lives in the Mob Arena!
In the event that you die once, you should be warped back to the arena spawn for your second go at it! Died again? Welp.. GG!

When killing monsters in the arena, you will also find that they drop EXP and you also have EXP. With this EXP you can use various "Upgrade" signs found inside the arena.
You can use these signs to upgrade your kit, get some more good or buy some back up! These Upgrades cost EXP and are only available when inside an active arena!
We also plan on adding more kits, more/better maps and more rewards depending on how well players like it. So don't worry, you won't be seeing the same map, rewards or kits forever!

Mob Arena Commands:
/mobarena - Takes you to the mob arena server when you have an empty inventory. Can be used at /spawn or /home
/ma rewards - Opens the Rewards menu to redeem your Gold Nuggets for items for sale.

Do you like gambling? No? Oh.. Well, for the people that do, we have the plugin for you!

Buying Lottery Tickets
Want to get in on the gambling?
First thing you should know is that Lottery Tickets are only available to buy at /spawn! There will only be drawing on each spawn.
Each Lottery Ticket costs $2,500 IGM and you can buy a max of 50 tickets per draw! This comes up to a total of $125,000 max allowed to be entered into the Lottery Pot.
Want to buy some tickets? All you have to do is run the command "/lottery buy [amount]" (without the []). This will purchase that amount of tickets on the spawn you're on.

Lottery Ticket Draw
When are you able to see if you blew all your money or won big?!
Each day at 8am, 4pm and Midnight EST there will be drawings and the winners on that spawn will be chosen!
You do not have to be online at the time of the draw to receive your prize (if you win). Just make sure you have bought tickets before the draw time and you should be good to go!

Want to see won stole all your money during the last draw? Or want to know how long until the next?
Use the command "/lottery status" while on a spawn server to see when the next draw is and who won the last draw.
When using this command, you will also see how large the pot currently is as well as how much you have invested in that specific pot/draw.

Lottery Commands (only on /spawn):
/lottery buy [amount] - Buy X amount of Lottery Ticket on that specific spawn. Max of 50 tickets.
/lottery status - See info about the pot/draw. Includes current ticket amount, pot size, draw time countdown and last winner.

We heard that accidentally people drop items and are kinda salty about it. Even though that isn't necessarily our fault, we have decided to try and fix the issue to make everyone happy and avoid dropping items they don't wish to drop! Well, now everyone has to press their drop key twice in order to CONFIRM that you wish to drop the item. Please note that this only counts on TOOL! Meaning Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel..
You will still drop those items on death.
Want to turn this feature off? Use the command "/antidrop toggle". Although you will have to do this on each individual server.. Nothing we can do about that sadly.

This feature is on by default for all players!

Anti-Drop Commands:
/antidrop toggle
- Toggles your Anti-Drop on or off for that specific server.

Advent Calendar
With this Advent Calendar you will get pretty basic rewards for logging in each day until Christmas! Some days we will have special/custom rewards. Simply do /visit JailBreakMC and click the Santa NPC each day to receive your items!

We hope you guys enjoy the update! :)
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Very nice! Keep up the good work with updates! The Anti-Drop feature is especially nice since fat fingered me drops stuff all the time :O. Excited for more with the mobarena, that will really help define this server!