18th April - New Spawn, Chat Unscramble, Auction House, Coinflip and More!!!


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Hello everyone! Hope you are all looking forward for Easter!
Today we have an amazing update for you.

New Spawn
Firstly, we are BETA testing a new spawn that we have been working on over the past month.
With this new spawn the yard, boss arena and spawn are all located in one world.
The arena and spawn hover over the yard giving the server a place where all ranks can hang out!
All the NPCs have been moved to this new spawn, including the addition of Warp NPCs that teleport you to specific areas such as mines.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! As we say this is a BETA test so please report any issues that you find in our Discord.

Alternate link to images:

Chat Unscramble
This new feature will present itself in chat in the form of an announcement,
then whoever can guess what the word fastest will receive an award!
This Chat Unscramble will occur only on the spawn servers and have an interval of every half an hour.
10 players must be present on the spawn server for it to start and everyone will be given 45 seconds to solve it.
View below to see how it works!


Mystery Common Crystal
Mystery Rare Crystal
Mystery Epic Crystal
Mystery Legendary Crystal


Coin Flip
We have added a Coin Flip game for users to gamble their money against other players if they wish.
(Only available on the /spawn server, not /home)
Coin Flip is a game mode where you can create & accept matches and bet money based on who will get either Heads or Tails in the match.


/cf help
Shows CoinFlip Commands.
/cf <amount> <heads/tails>
Creates a match for you through command.
For example, using "/cf 5000 heads" would create a match for you with a bet of $5,000 and you choosing heads.
Opens Coin Flip GUI. Through the GUI you can accept other players bets. You can also do create matches in this menu, allowing you to create a match without using the command if you wish.
/cf stats
Shows you your own statistics for your Coin Flip matches. Including Wins, Losses, Win Percentage, Money Bet, Money Earned and more.
This is currently on a per spawn basis, this will be updated in the future however.

You must enter a Minimum Bet of at least $5,000. You also cannot go over $10,000,000 in one bet, it is the Maximum Bet.
ALL MATCHES over $5,000,000 will broadcast the winner in chat for all to congratulate the winner and shame the loser.
ALL WINNINGS through the Coin Flip are taxed by 6% as a server fee.

Auction House
At /visit JailBreakMC, the auctioneer has come to the prison! He has set up camp and is ready to auction valuables of your choice!
To access the auction house you much first /visit JailBreakMC and left click on the Auctioneer NPC.
If you don't want to /visit JailBreakMC, you can also do /ah anywhere to be warped to the Auctioneer NPC!
From there you will be able to see everything other people are selling!
To purchase an item, you only need to left click what you would like to buy!

Each rank receives a different amount of items they can that can sell in the Auction House:
Default: 1
Iron: 2
Gold: 3
Diamond: 4
Emerald: 5

View all commands in this spoiler below!

Opens the Auction House.
/ah sell <price>
Sells the item you are currently holding.
/ah selling
View the items you are currently selling.
To remove an item you are selling, rick click it in the /ah selling GUI.
/ah expired
View your expired items for return
/ah help
Explains all possible commands for the Auction House.

You can also view these through the GUI.


Other Changes

Chamber Buffs
Chambers have now been buffed to give more exciting rewards due to popular demand!
We won't say much about what you can find in there, however there maybe some COSMETIC EXCLUSIVES to be found...

Prestige Mine Buff
The Prestige mine has now been given a buff to ensure that it is worth your time to access it.
It should now give slightly more money then F mine!

New Prestige Glow
The new Prestige Glow is a reward given free of charge once a player reaches Prestige 6.
This is an ANIMATED RED/BLACK glow and can be found in /glow.

Lottery Update
The lottery has had a few tweaks to make it more fun for high risk gamblers.
You can now buy up to 200 tickets! Meaning you could win big or loose hard...
The lottery pot also now starts with 50k as given by the server!

PVP Shop Update
We have now added Ender Pearls to the PVP shop!
You can purchase 8 for 20k!

Just a reminder that the Easter Build Contest closes tomorrow so make sure you have submitted a cell if you want to participate!
To view the post click here.

We hope you enjoy this update! Have a great day!


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