21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

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Hello everyone, hope you are having a lovely day!
Today we introduce to you the newest rank to the server;

Emerald Rank

So the first thing that you are probably wondering is what is in this new rank.
If you would like to see the full features of the new rank, click the spoiler or click here to take you to the store.

Below you will see the new features exclusive to Emerald Rank!

Access to the /bm command. Make unlimited custom, uncraftable banners for FREE. Diamond rank users also have this feature, however, they have a small fee for banners.

Access to the /ci ( or /clearinventory) command. Clear your items in your inventory with ease!

Access to the /chestsort command. Sort chests at your cell with super ease!
This command can only be used on the CELL servers, if you would like to turn OFF sorting, just run the command again.

Access to a 3 Page Enderchest (135 Slots) using the command /echest.

Mine Magnets
Access to the 3 & 6 Meter Magnet at mines using command /mn.
Ability to pick up items from around you.

Ability to claim a 2ND CELL with /claim.
(Separate Upgrades/Members/Items From Main Cell)

Access to the Emerald Rank Animated Player Glow in /glow and all previous rank glows!
Access to the Dark Rainbow Animated Player Glow in /glow (Emerald Rank Exclusive)

Access to new /trails, new and exclusive to Emerald Rank.
Grants the ability to have particle trails behind you.
Trails are separate effects from the /particles and both can be used together!
/trails also includes a custom Wing Builder to allow you to have either Angel or Butterfly wings with up-to 3 different colors!

Access to the /kit Emerald command every 24 hours.

(Command: /kit emerald)
24 hour cooldown.

Emerald Colored Leather Armor Set
(Has Diamond Level Strength/Toughness)
Light Weight 4
Tank 4
Unbreaking 3

Diamond Sword
Sharpness 4
Head Hunter 4
Senseless 4
Unbreaking 1

Diamond Pickaxe (1 HP/1 USE)
Spare Change 500

x1 Mystery Legendary Crystal
x3 Mystery Epic Crystal(s)
x32 Golden Apple(s)
x64 Steak
x128 Coal Block(s)
x64 Iron Block(s)
x48 Gold Block(s)
x32 Diamond Block(s)
x16 Emerald Block(s)

To purchase Emerald rank or see the list of full perks; view the package on our webstore by clicking here.

Small Previous Rank Additions
In addition to the Emerald Rank release, we have also added a few more benefits to the previous ranks;

EACH RANK has now access to a rank specific Animated Glow via /glow.
Diamond Rank has access to the 3 Meter Magnet via /mn.

The Jailbreak team want to also give you the chance to win the new Emerald rank whether you are default or need an upgrade!
We also also be picking another winner that will get a $20 gift-card for use on the webstore.
To enter, post down below your;
IGN (In Game Name):
Favourite aspect of JailBreakMC:

Favourite JailBreakMC Memory:
and like this Post!

A winner will be chosen in 1 week! Sometime on Thursday February 28th.

Have a lovely weekend!
- JailBreakMC Team

Winner has been announced!
Congratulations to Paper_Stars for winning the Emerald Rank!
and congratulations to AlphaHusky0213 for winning the $20 gift card!

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I like the most the custom enchants, that what makes the server different from all the other boring and regular prison servers.
My favorite memory is when I first found a chamber, I searched 1 for like 2 weeks and my first 1 was at b3 rank xd.
Good Luck everyone!
Favorite aspect is that you have to work hard to become a top ranked member, the server isnt just a 2 day adventure and makes me ethusiatic and strive for more.

Favorite jailbreak memory is being in jailbreak discord channels and finding out what everybody sounds like. It's odd but incredible at the same time.

I love this server!


Veteran Inmate
IGN (In Game Name): Sponcor
Favourite aspect of JailBreakMC: The community. I have so many friends here. It’s unbeatable compared to other MC servers.
Favourite JailBreakMC Memory: Playing Hide and seek in the unused cell part of C mine, Staff calls where we’d all sit in our little labeled chairs, and the hide and seek events that we did.
I like the balanced economy, and that it takes time and energy to get up to the top.
The time i got my first gpick making ranking up alot easier.
in game name: Masterbroku
My favorite aspect of jailbreakmc is the custom enchants and possiblites of what u can do with them
Favorite memory: using 99% common crystal and failing
I like the rank system with the keys, it's very special.
My favorite memory is that I joined the server, mined for 2 minutes and found a chamber.
Ign: _SwagBoy_
Favorite aspect: the community on the server and aal the features and if you ask something to the mods, they always try to help you. (countersix, Callmelsh,...)
Favorite memory: that when i joined people helped me with the commands and other stuff like getting started.
Favorite aspect: Prob the uniqueness of the server compared to most prison based servers i played on. normally after a few weeks i get bored of a server and lose interest in going on. However here i keep finding ways to have more fun with the special enchants and have played for months!
Favorite memory: I was gonna say finding my 1st glitched hole when in D mine and thought was so cool to leave the mine and stuff, but instead I'm gonna say getting max possible light weight with speed pick and running around like sonic! xD
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