21st January - Voting Update!


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Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well.

Recently, we decided to change how voting works on the server to add more variety into what rewards you can get for supporting us.
Therefore we introduce to you...

Trade Tokens


So you are probably asking yourself, what are trade tokens? Well, at /warp a you can see a new Trades Master that has come to do business with well behaved inmates in exchange for this new currency. The new currency can be obtained by voting on the server. You will receive one token every time you vote and you can vote every 24 hours. You can also do /trademaster anywhere in the prison. All the items that are purchasable from the Trades Master are different ranging from Air Strikes to Cosmetics.


Every Monday, the Trades Master will update his stock with new items. Meaning every week you will not know what is coming. This could also potentially new items into the prison. We will have to wait and see. As for now, the Trades Master has brought in what he will be selling for this week. Have fun finding bargains!

Just a friendly reminder that the staff applications are currently open and we are scouting for a couple new Helpers to join the team.
Make sure to work hard on your application if you are serious about joining.

Have a lovely weekend,
JailBreakMC Team
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