31st August Update - The Alchemist, September Supply Drop, Monthly /gang top Rewards!


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Heya guys!

You already got your dubs full of common crystals, rare crystals, maybe even epic crystals and you don´t know what to do with them?
Why should you use dust if you can just buy a better crystal from another player and leave your low rarity crystals to rott in your chests, right ?
Today we are releasing a solution for this exact problem. The Alchemist.
Furthermore with the beginning of a new month we have also brought out the new
September Supply Drop.
Furthermore we will release /gang top rewards.
We have also tweaked some stuff and hope you like it.

The Alchemist

This guy is called the Alchemist . As the GIF shows there are 3 crystals that you can trade up for:

5x Common Crystal 100% -> (?) Rare Crystal (?)
4x Rare Crystal 100% -> (?) Epic Crystal (?)
3x Epic Crystal 100% -> (?) Legendary Crystal (?)

The Alchemist will be accessible at /warp a via a NPC. However, you can also just type /alchemist - on spawn/mine servers only, that means NOT in your cell or yard - to open up the GUI.
With this comes the addition of Mystery Crystals! Currently, these crystals can only be obtained from the Alchemist or through the Monthly /gang top Rewards. Mystery Crystals are distinguished by the (?) at each end of the name, and the lore. Make sure to always shift + right click a chestshop or try to open a chestshop to get more details about the item you are trrying to buy! Players who have donated can change the name of items, but not the lore. The lore will never lie!

September Supply Drop
At 0 AM EST/EDT we are going to release the new Supply Drop. In this supply drop, you will get 4 out of a total of 9 EXCLUSIVE TO SEPTEMBER items! There will be a new supply drop each month with new items. All possible items from the September Supply Box include:​

Dark Blue Username Style
Death Suspend Particle
Drip Water Particle
Block Break Particle Style
Cube Particle Style
Baby Ghast Miniature Pet
"Chompy" Miniature Pet
EZ < Name Tag
Gold Player Glow

You cannot get duplicate drops from a single supply crate, however, if you open multiple there is a possibility to get the same items. Don't worry though! You are given redeemable vouchers for each item. So if you happen to get something you don't want, you can always try selling it! For you people without IRL money to spend. This means even you can get your hands on some of the exclusive items by buying them from other players!

Furthemore, I have noticed that multiple players make the mistake of right clicking the chest shop they are setting up to sell a redeemable item which redeems the item and doesn´t create the shop. Therefore you may watch the GIF in the spoiler to see how to set it up.

B-T-S Sale (Back To School)
As some of you guys might have noticed from the in game boss bar, we are having a 40% off sale on the webstore until 0 am EST/EDT, today! So make sure to head over to http://store.jailbreakmc.com and get your hands on that sweet, sweet sale! BEWARE! /buy has decided it cannot do math and isn't properly calculating the sale! So the RANKS and RANK UPGRADES prices are wrong in /buy! Make sure to head to the store to see the real price.

Monthly Gang Rewards
Starting with the 1. September you should try to mine as many blocks as possible with your gang members. You will be able to check what place you are by typing /gang top in chat. The Gang Leaders may decide how to distribute the rewards your are going to get. The rewards will be the following:

1st Place: Supply Drop of the Month or a mystery rare block, 1-2 Million $ Ingame Money,
2x (?)
Legendary Crystals (?)
2nd Place: 1x Iron Guard Boss Egg, 500k - 1 Million $ Ingame Money,
3x (?) Legendary Crystals (?)

3rd Place: 1x Random Nametag, 500k - 1 Million $ Ingame Money,
1x (?) Legendary Crystals (?). 3x (?) Epic Crystals (?), 5x (?) Rare Crystal (?)

You may ask yourself why the money is between a certain range. That is because we will choose the amount of money the faction receives via RNG (Random Number Generator) to make it fair and square.

Inventory Full!
We saw your request and decided to test if we could find a way that the "Inventory Full" Alert isn´t as annoying as just popping up on your whole screen. From now on it will pop up in your Action Bar.
Action Bar is basically above your armor/health bar as you will see in the following GIF.

#Support Text Channel (Discord)
Thanks to @ReptileInsane we have a new neat Text Channel on our discord: #support. This channel has been created to quickly get in touch with a staff member by addressing your issue in the form of a message instead of - as we usually handled it before - joining the "Join for Support" Voice Channel where we don´t look instantly which I am sorry for. If you have a bigger issue (e. g. you found a bug and got sufficient proof or a detailed description of how it works) you can still contact us in the chat to move you into the Support Voice Channel.

You did not join our JailbreakMC Discord yet ? Feel free to do so by clicking on the following message:

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