7th September Update - Voting, New Boss & Trade Revamp!


Staff member
Hello JailBreakMC! Hope you are coping back at school! To ease your pain we have been working hard for this weeks update. Stay tuned for more!


You asked for it so we delivered! Voting has now been enabled and has some awesome features to it. When you vote, you will receive a vote supply drop. You can vote for the server by doing /vote, you will then be asked to click on a link that will take you to the voting page. From there you will enter your details and once completed you will need to do /vote to claim your reward. Similar to the monthly supply drops, you place the vote supply drop down at /spawn. You can only vote once every 24 hours.
Click here for the voting link!

You can obtain many different rewards from the voting crate. These include:
100% Common Crystal
Rare Crystal
Epic Crystal
Legendary Crystal
Legendary Crystal
Exclusive Voting Rare Block - Sponge

New Boss
We have a new challenger on the prison, the Wither Knight has awoken as is now purchasable on the store. You can win exclusive new loot from him including name tags, armour and the Wither Knight Skull! I must warn you though, this boss is much harder to beat then the Iron Guard, so bring your best gear, your best friends and prepare for battle! Click here to purchase a spawn egg!

Trade Revamp
Due to the fact that we had multiple issues with the trade plugin whether it was its "safety" or it was items just vanishing out of your inventory or being randomly dropped. With our new trade plugin these issues won´t happen anymore. Overall it is basically the same as the old /trade besides the fact that you get charged a fee of 7% now if you trade money via /trade. You can still use the normal /pay feature if you don´t want to be charged with the fee .

If you have any enquires on the new updates, you can contact a staff member via the #support channel on our discord. Click here to join.​
I like the voting it's great but so far I've gotten a 6% common and 12% epic for the 2 I opened yet the descriptions say they are 100%.
Can you please change either the name to "random chance" or make them 100% as it says?
Many getting discouraged, altho it's free it's not what the description says it is.
Thank you love playing here <3