April 9th, 2019 - Easter Build Contest


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Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely April so far!
Today I introduce a long overdue...

Easter Build Contest

It seemed fitting with the new prestige cells available and the older addition of having a second realm that we should have another build-off!
So here are the guidelines you will need to follow!

1. You can only submit ONE cell per account, however if you want to build on an alt account with a complete new design you may.
2. The entries for the contest will close on Good Friday (19th) and the winners will be reviled on Easter Sunday (21st) .
3. Texture packs CANNOT contribute to the build, as I will be viewing them vanilla.

Submit your entry here - Submissions Closed

Prize Pool:
1st - Winner Nametag, April Crate, Signed Cell by ANY staff member
2nd - 3x Commissary Crate or $1Mil IGM
3rd - Commissary Crate or $250k IGM

1st - JackJack_C
2nd - I_love_Tigger
3rd - Jackzter2000

Hope you all have a great Easter!

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