August 24th Update - /trade & Double Crystal Weekend!


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It has been heavily requested and finally it is here, /trade.

To request a trade with a player simply type /trade <player>. However, you have to be within a radius of 10 blocks of the player you want to trade with.

For the other player this message will appear asking him to
/trade accept the deal. If you do not want to do a trade with a player that requested a trade you can also /trade deny.

This is the Trade GUI
In the bottom of the left side - which is always your side - you will be able to either set yourself to ready or abort the trade. On top of that there are:
Gold Nugget: $1,000
Gold Ingot: $10,000
Gold Block: $100,000

You can either add money to the trade window - which will appear at the offered money slot - by left clicking the above mentioned blocks or remove money - if you added some money already - by right clicking one of the blocks again. You can also completely wipe all the money that you added to the trade by clicking on the clear money slot.

Be aware that it is still possible to scam with /trade if you are not careful enough. Always hover over the item to check if it is the correct item. You have to accept the deal 2 times. The 2nd time it asks you to accept it you can hover over the item of your trade partner to see if it is the item you want and check if he/she swapped it.

That's right! This weekend, you have X2 the chance to get a Crystal when breaking a block! Enjoy all the extra Crystals this weekend, because come Monday it is gone!​
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