August 2nd - Cell Design Competition

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Hey everyone! Today we are announcing the first build contest on the server. You will have 2 weeks to create the best cell design. To start with, there will be no guidelines for what you can create so make the most inventive and amazing cell ever!

So, how will it work?
Basically, once you have finished creating your cell design on the Prison Server, you will take some screenshots from any angle. You can take as many as you want and once you have done you will upload to the google forms post down below! Once the week it up, the google form will be closed! The cell designs will then be judged and prizes will be given to the top 5 designs.

How will it be judged?
It will be judged on effort and style. There are no guidelines as there is no theme to this event however in the future there will be!

1: Either an August Crate or Rare block of your choice within reason!
2. Yellow player glow.
3. A nametag of your choice.
4. 100% Legendary Crystal and 100% Cleanser
5. 100% Legendary Crystal

Submit your cell here: CLOSED
Form will be closed on the 16th of August!

Good luck!
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