Format Ban Appeal Format [REQUIRED]

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Been banned on JailBreakMC? Feel like you deserve a second chance? Appeal here.

To have your ban appeal accepted, you MUST follow the guidelines below.
Failure to meet these guidelines will result in your appeal being DENIED.

To start an appeal, copy the appeal questions found below.
Once you have done that, simply start a new thread on by clicking here.
Please title the thread something along the lines of "YOURUSERNAMEHERE - Ban Appeal".

1. Minecraft Username:
2. Ban Reason:
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of:
4. Who were you banned by:
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:

It is recommended that you include the best reason possible for you being unbanned so your opportunity of a second chance is best.

Only the staff member who banned you will review the case.
It is up to them only if you will be unbanned.
Staff members do not interfere with other staff's ban cases.

If you feel your application is being dealt with unfairly, you can request it be reviewed by a higher position staff member.

If you were banned for hacking and have been allowed to appeal, screenshots of these MUST be included when appealing:
- .minecraft Folder (in %appdata%)
- Mods Folder
- Version Folder
- Resource/Texture Packs Folder
- Recycle Bin
- Desktop

Please use a screenshot program such as Lightshot, Gyazo or ShareX (the best one) to upload pictures.

You cannot appeal if you have done the following;
- Found and used an exploit to your advantage
- Duplicated items

(If you are appealing for a forums ban, create a new forums account. This account is to be used ONLY for appealing. If a post aside from the appeal is made on the appealing account, you will lose any chance of your account being unbanned)

A staff member has the right to deny your appeal if they find that your actions were not worthy of a second chance.
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