Denied Ban appeal

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Hello. I'm S4TURN_
My previous profiles are feltpens (this account) and SkiLLoVik
SkiLLoVik was permanently banned for joke about russian youtuber's website with reason "Selling accounts" on September-November 2018. It was an
unfair misunderstanding. I decided to buy new account and continue playing on your server, but I was banned again with reason "Ban Evasion (SkiLLoVik) on 24 November 2018. This account (feltpens in the past) hasn't been appealed because of SkiLLoVik "is not succesfully appealed" (click).
I not deserve it! I hope you will help with this problem.


Accustomed Inmate
In the appeal done by Zagrid, you state that both accounts are yours. We will not unban feltpens until you appeal SkiLLoVik successfully.

So what account are you appealing?
Ok, thank u.
But I was banned about one year ago, will my appeal be accepted? I have no any proofs, screenshots or something. I guess no one remember about this happening. What should I do? Just fill in the form and hope for a miracle?


John Cena
Staff member
Appeal abandoned.
If you wish to be unbanned, make an appeal for your main account first with the correct format.
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