Accepted Ban Appeal

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my username in game is IcyEndymion004
i was banned for refusal to screen share and xray
no i do not as i have rest my pc a few times
mod mosh
i believe i should be unbanned as i have learned my ways were bad and i well NEVER do i it again

from IcyEndymion004
i hope you give me an unban as i hope too be able too play again
Hello IcyEndymion004,

As the moderator who banned you, Mosh, is no longer on the staff team, I will be handling your appeal.

Could you please provide me with screenshots of the following folders.
- .minecraft Folder (in %appdata%)
- Mods Folder
- Version Folder
- Resource/Texture Packs Folder
- Recycle Bin
- Desktop

Please use a screenshot program such as Lightshot, Gyazo or ShareX (the best one) to upload pictures.

Have a good day.
Not open for further replies.