Accepted Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username: MinyEAwesome
Ban Reason: Autoclicking
Do You Have Proof: No, I was autoclicking in my afk room in my base.
Who Were You Banned By: Callumlego
Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I wasn't doing anything, I was in my diamond blocks autoclicking so that people would buy my stuff without me getting kicked for being afk.


Staff member
Hello MiniEAwesome,

Thanks for making your Ban Appeal and thanks for your patience.

Since this is your first major offense, I will be unbanning you shortly. I'd like to remind you to look through the rules, available here or by doing /rules in-game. If you break another major rule, you will be banned with no chance of appealing.

Take care and have a good day ahead!

Accepted & Locked
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