Black Friday Special LIMITED Supply Boxes!

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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Today is Black Friday which means savings for all!
Black Friday savings will be ending Sunday at Midnight EST..
Something else we have added will be also ending then!

Black Friday Special Supply Boxes
We have 3 new Supply Boxes for you guys to grab this weekend only as a part of our Black Friday Special! These Supply Boxes each feature items from previous monthly crates, 1 new item for each category as well a rare item only obtainable from these Supply Boxes. Difference from previously monthly crates is that they have all the specific types of items you want in one place!

Want a item you missed on from previous crates or looking to get your hands on something special? Check out these Supply Boxes!

Player Glows Supply Box

Username/Anvil Colors Supply Box

Name Tags Supply Box

The Dragon Egg is a rare block that is only obtainable through the BFS Supply Boxes. It has Light Weight 4 on it to allow you to move quickly when in hand, or on your head with /hat. It is mainly meant to be a cosmetic/visual item that many people won't have, not to be treated as armor.

As it states in each of the Supply Boxes lore, and on the store, you will receive 2 items from the box when you open it.

These are only available until Sunday at Midnight EST, so get them while they're hot!
Check out the new LIMITED Player Glows, Username/Anvil Colors and Name Tags Supply Boxes in the Supply Boxes part of the store here!​
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