December 20th, 2019 - Season Pass #3 Begins + P Mines Expanded + more!


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Season Pass #3 BEGINS!
We are releasing our third Season Pass on JailBreakMC!
For those that do not know, Season Pass has the same concept as other games (e.g. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, etc) which we will explain now.
Unfortunately, due to limitations with the plugin, we are unable to offer a "Free" Season Pass at this time.
We have been communicating with the developer of the plugin and we hope more cross-server friendly features can be added for servers with complex back-ends.

The Season Pass will have a length of 1 month. Each week (starting today) will offer you different Quests adding up to a total amount of 24 quests.
These Quests can be done at any point in time as long as they are unlocked and that week is either happening or has happened.
That means that if you buy the Season Pass in Week 3 you will still have access to Week 1, Week 2 as well as the current Week 3 and upcoming Week 4.
There are TWO types of Quest GUIs which are explained below.

This is where you will find most of our Quests. Starting from the left you can see the Tier Rewards on the Chest Minecart which we will get to later. In the middle you, on the Anvil, can see your Tier, Season Pass EXP and Current Week. There is also a Book in the bottom middle which has info on what the Season Pass is. You will also see your available Quests for the weeks that have passed or are ongoing by clicking on the Enchanted Book on the right side of the menu.

Some Quests from /sp Quest's page will instruct you to do /quests in their description. These are mostly more unique and sometimes more complex quests.
You can start a quest by simply left clicking on it and cancel it by right clicking it again (Mind you that you will lose your current progress of that Quest).
Once you've started a quest its previous description will change and be replaced with your progress.
For some Quests it shows that your progress is "false" this simply means that the requirements were not met, yet.
The Quests after Week 1 will be unlocked week by week. This applies to both /sp and /quests.

Season Pass Events

This time around we have one special addition to the Season Pass. There will be Events for the
25th of December: Every Player who bought the Season Pass (doesn't matter if it is standard or premium) will be able to open 1 crate - with a random item - under the christmas tree at /warp seasonpass.
31st of December: This will be just a fancy event where rockets will be launched at /warp seasonpass. Just enjoy the show while you can (there might be a giveaway)
6th of January: In honor to Sherlock Holmes birthday we are gonna do a little "Find the clue" game.

Season Pass Tiers
Tiers are - to keep it short - your current reward level. There are a total of 50 Tiers that you can obtain that have rewards.
You will be able to see your current Tier by doing /sp and clicking the Chest Minecart. Luckily we also put them on the right side of your Scoreboard.

As you may have noticed, I have also mentioned that there are points. 1 Tier equals 10 EXP.
But what is this Season Pass EXP? They are not a currency that you can spend but you will need them to increase your Tier.
The amount of Season Pass EXP that you get depends on the quest - each quests will give you EXP - and can be found in /sp under Available Quests tab in the Quest description.
Typically, the higher the point reward the higher the difficulty is.

There are different stages of rewards which I will list below:
Tier 2 - 14: $15,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 15: $105,000 + 1 Season Token + 1 LEVEL 1 Crate
Tier 16 - 29: $20,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 30: $120,000 + 1 Season Token + 1 LEVEL 2 Crate
Tier 31 - 44: $30,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 45: $180,000 + 1 Season Token + 1 LEVEL 3 Crate
Tier 46: $50,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 47: $75,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 48: $125,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 49: $150,000 + 1 Season Token
Tier 50: $300,000 + 2 Season Tokens

In total you will get $2,000,000 In-Game Money, 50 Season Tokens and 1 LEVEL 1 Crate, 1 LEVEL 2 Crate and 1 LEVEL 3 Crate.
You can view the reward of a Tier at any time by using the command /sp and clicking on the Chest Minecart in the menu.

This time you will have to claim your rewards by doing /battlepass collect or going into /sp and click on the Tier you want to get the reward off of.

Season Tokens
In total you will get 50 Season Tokens (Season 3) which you can redeem at the Trade Master.
Unlike from Season Pass #1, we will not change out the items available for purchase as the weeks go on.
Instead, we will be adding all the items you can purchase with the Season Pass #3 Tokens at the same time. If we decide to add more things later on, we will do so. However, unlike before, there will not be weekly changes, simply many items which you can view and decide what you want from those them.
If you have any suggestions on items that can be added for purchase with Season 3 Tokens, feel free to drop a suggestion in our Discord Server.
LEVEL 1 Crate:
$50,000 In-Game Money
$100,000 In-Game Money
$150,000 In-Game Money
50%-100% Legendary Crystal
x3 100% Legendary Repair Scroll
20 Name Tag
x5 Season Tokens (Season 3)
Wither Knight Boss Spawn Egg
LEVEL 2 Crate:
$150,000 In-Game Money
$200,000 In-Game Money
$250,000 In-Game Money
Random % (Mystery) Enchant Cleanser
100% Enchant Cleanser
2020 Name Tag
Baby Ender Miniature Pet
x5 Season Tokens (Season 3)
x5 Mine Tokens

2020 Celebratory Firework!
Wither Knight Boss Spawn Egg

LEVEL 3 Crate:
$350,000 In-Game Money
$400,000 In-Game Money
$450,000 In-Game Money
x2 100% Legendary Crystals
100% Enchant Cleanser
2020 Name Tag
Baby Ender Miniature Pet
Firework Animated Player Glow
BOLD Username Style
Italics Username Style
x5 Season Tokens (Season 3)
x5 Mine Tokens
2020 Celebratory Firework!

Wither Knight Boss Spawn Egg

Premium Season Pass
We are also offering a PREMIUM Season Pass to those users who are interested in getting a slight head start and want a chance at some special items.
When purchasing this Premium Season Pass you will get: The Season Pass, x10 Tiers and our special Season Pass - PREMIUM Crate.
In total this package will cost $24.99.
The Season Pass - PREMIUM Crate will include 3 out of the following 9 items:
$500,000 In-Game Money
$1,000,000 In-Game Money
$2,000,000 In-Game Money
100% Enchant Cleanser
Decade Name Tag
Firework Animated Player Glow
x10 Season Tokens (Season 3)
VEIN MINER 6 Diamond Pickaxe

How It Works
The Season Pass has its own dedicated Spawn Server. This means it includes our regular Spawn and all the Mines from A - F + Prestige Mines. Adding on to that there is the Season Pass Town Square which you can access by either going to the "SP #3 Mine" NPC at the dedicated spawn or via the command /warp seasonpass.
The Season Pass Town Square will have its own mine - which basically has most of the items you will need for your quests - as well as Mob Pits (however no mobs drop items when killed) and its own furnace room.
Said mobs CAN do damage to you, and CAN kill you, causing you to drop your items.

The Season Pass Quests can ONLY be progressed and completed ON the Season Pass Spawn Server.

You can get to the Season Pass Spawn Server by using the Season Pass NPC located where our Event Server NPC and Mob Arena NPC are located at.
You may also do /seasonpass to get to the Season Pass Spawn server once you have purchased the Season Pass from the store.

The Season Pass will START on December 20th (today) and will END on Friday January 17th.

Everyone purchasing the Season Pass #3 will also get the "SEASON 3" Name Tag.
You can view the screenshot of what the Name Tag will look like below.

Prestige 1 and Prestige 5 Mines Made Deeper!
We have made BOTH Prestige 1 and Prestige 5 Mines 20 BLOCKS DEEPER!
This is something you guys have been asking for and we have done it. Enjoy!

Trade Master Shop Rotation
It's been 2 weeks since the last Trade Master items rotation so check out what he is offering for sale!
In the Trade Master you can also view which items are available for purchase with Season Pass #3 Tokens (once we add them).
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