Hello.. AGAIN xD


Accustomed Inmate
Only people
from may will know me

Hello people I'm Uni I have many igns xD
I was known for being xUni back in May.

I'm now Chercophonie (Yes its a handful im changing it soon)

Now onto things I do on the server

I like to mine
I like to use a pickaxe (you nubs in b mine using your damn shovels)
I am very good at finding chambers
I enchant things so I can mine better
I go to shakedowns
I like donations (cough help me pls seriously xD) anyways..

things im REALLY good at
Exterior design
Interior design
Playing Minecraft for 12+ hours a day non stop. (Pls help me ;-;)
Finding new ways to beat people in games
Wasting $100 a week on video games (uhh maybe shush)
Giving good prices on items
Overpricing items for fun since why not
Underpricing items accidently or because I need money
Being a tryhard

Heres some things you need to know about me ;D if you do want to donate to me (Because im working for C) /visit chercophonie k thanks!
(Also I do sell weird items sooo...)