Holiday Sales Special, Limited Time Boxes + Events! (12/20/18)


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Hello JailBreakMC, hope you all have been having a nice Holiday Season so far!
Today we bring you a community update instead of a mechanical update, meaning this is less new and more interactive. As you can guess from the title our Holiday Sales Special will be starting soon and @ReptileInsane will be hosting events! So you are probably asking yourself hundreds of questions right now so lets get into some of the details!

Christmas is right around the corner.. So we will be starting the beginning of our Holiday Sales Special! It will function much like the Black Friday Special we did, so make sure to check each day to see what’s for grabs.
The Sales will begin tonight (technically tomorrow) at Midnight EST (9PM PST) will go through till 11:59PM EST on Wednesday December 26th!

Also available only during the Holiday Sales Special and being removed on Wednesday… Our cosmetic specific supply boxes are back with a couple new items! If you happen to get your hands on one of these when it was Black Friday then you know what they are. For those that do not, well, we will be selling TWO types of supply boxes during this Holiday Sales Special. One of which will be only Player Glows & the other will be only Username Styles/Anvil Colors. These Supply Boxes contain older colors from previous monthly boxes as well as a new item added to the possible drops!

Both - The 2 Supply Boxes both have a possibility to get the Ski Goggles enchanted cosmetic item.
Player Glows - This Supply Box will feature, as a possible drop, the FIRST animated Player Glow to be added to the server! Want to know what it looks like? Click here for a preview.
Username Style/Anvil Colors - This Supply Box has the possibility to drop the new DARK RED Username Style!
Both Supply Boxes will grant you two items when placed! If you want to get one of the cosmetics featured in the Boxes, make sure to grab one before they’re gone!

The Supply Box will be available tonight when the sales start!

What type of event will this be?
Our first event will be a PVP Event! Meaning everyone will fight it out. We plan on doing more events other than just PVP, however the one will be just PVP.

Where is the event held at?
It will be held on a separate server and can be accessed by doing /event.
Please Note: Your items will not move with you to that server. It will look like you lost your items, but you didn’t. They are still safe on the regular servers. The inventories of the event server are completely separate from the rest of the network.

What time will it be at?
8PM GMT (3PM EST, 12PM PST) this Saturday.

Will it be held every week?
Yes! As stated before, it will not always be a PVP event, but we do hope to host some sort of event each Saturday.

What will the rules be?
This PVP event will be a standard FFA. Teaming will be allowed so you can get your friends together to win if you so wish (This rule may be changed in the future). Last person standing wins!

Can I respawn if I die in the event?
You will not be able to rejoin the event once you die, however you will be able to spectate it or simply return back to the regular servers.

Can staff participate?
No, however a separate staff event will be held just for fun once a month.

What is the prize?
The prize will be chosen by one of the SeniorMods that day, but don't worry! It will be worth it!

Can we all chat on Discord?
Yes! This is something we want to encourage. We would like everyone to come on Discord and have a nice time during the event! If you’re not in the Discord, type /discord in game and join using the invite.

Is there anymore events planning to be added to /event?
Yes, we have a few plans in mind that we want to implement.

What happens if I go to the event server when there isn’t an event happening?
Well.. Nothing! You will just join the server and be inside the “No Event Running” spawn room which will have information about the next event. When we start an event the spawn will be moved to that events starting area!

Why is the event server lagging?
Well, this is our FIRST event.. So, you should expect some lag as we have no clue how many people will end up joining or if the server can support it. So, please have some patience if our first event doesn’t go super smooth. We want to have something fun for you guys to do each week so if it lags this Saturday, we will use that to learn and see what we can do to make it better for the next one. With this in mind, we will have a 75 player cap

Hope to see you this coming Saturday! Announcements before the event begins will be held on the server! Have a nice day!