I am very late.. 0rbas's introduction.


Accustomed Inmate

Hello there!!
I'm 0rbas and you may know me from my YouTube videos I have done on the server:
What happens when you prestige, A view of all the mines and abilities, The Best Way to Make Money - Mines A-F.
I was the second person on the server to prestige (Galorian was first) but I just have not been active, I quit for a few months because I got bored.
I will be active again now though as there has been some good updates and I want to work my way up. I hope to see you on the server, just say hi if you see me!

A bit of information about me:
My name is Hamish, I am 18 years old from south west England.
I started playing Minecraft back in 2011 because of Syndicate's Minecraft Project!
I don't have that good of a setup, I have an I5 laptop with a Razer Deathadder 2013 mouse (not chroma)
I DO have an Xbox so if i am not playing here then I will more than likely be on that, I don't want to burn myself out just playing mc 24/7